Millennium Electronic chess sets

Millennium Electronic chess sets

Our Millennium Electronic chess sets are perfect for those who love the game of chess. These sets are sleek, stylish, and come with all the features you need to enjoy a game of chess. With our sets, you'll have access to an online shop where you can purchase chess sets, boards, and other accessories. You'll also be able to find helpful tips and tricks on our blog, which will help you improve your game.

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Electronic chess computer "The Millennium Karpov Chess School"

World Champion Anatoli Karpov will teach you how to play chess or will be your opponent in playing c..

Chess Genius Pro New

Chess Genius Pro

Chess Genius ProThe ChessGenius Pro will challenge you even more than its little brother ChessGenius..


ChessLink (for millenium chess boards)

ChessLink (for millenium chess boards)The Chess Link is the tool for all who appreciate the comforta..


ChessVolt (for millenium chess boards)

ChessVoltThe ChessVolt guarantees many hours of playing time independent of the mains.  Th..


Electronic chess computer "Europe chess master II"

MILLENNIUM CHESS MASTER II - ELECTRONIC CHESS COMPUTER.Play chess against a computer! Intermediate l..

Electronic chess computer "Chess genius pro" -8%

Electronic chess computer "Chess genius pro"

Millennium ChessGenius Pro chess computer is for beginners to expert players with an ARM Cortex M4 /..

$230.28 $212.10

Electronic chess computer "Chess genius"

ABOUT MILLENNIUM CHESS COMPUTER - CHESS GENIUS.The chess computer for tournament and club players ru..


The King Performance, Millennium Chess Computer

The King PerformanceManufacturer: Millennium Chess ComputerPremium Playing Experience: Easy play wit..