The King Performance, Millennium Chess Computer

The King Performance, Millennium Chess Computer

The King Performance

Manufacturer: Millennium Chess Computer

Premium Playing Experience: Easy play with smooth-running, HIGH Sensitivity pressure board, 81 LEDs and handcrafted wooden figures

One Size Fits All: Offers nearly an infinite number of difficulty levels, and ways to custom tailor play suitable for Beginner through International Grandmaster

A great playing / study partner: "The King" provides a more 'human' based playing style and the Import / Export features provide additional flexibility and ways to tailor play or study

Convenient Size: Perfect size for at home or taking to a coffee shop

Processor: ARM Cortex M7 with 300 MHz, 2048 KB ROM, 348 KB RAM

The chess computer for highest comfort and demand

The chess computer for aesthetes.

With a real wooden frame and wooden pieces.

Concentrate on your game! Because moves by the computer, help or mistakes are shown directly on the board. 81 LEDs make this possible, by lighting up a field on all four edges.

Playing strength: Well below 1000 ELO up to over 2400 ELO

Warranty: 1 year

Design, comfort, and a great deal of chess-playing fun

Connects to apps via ChessLink

Chess960 integrated

Learn chess with the King

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