How to order / Shipping information

Payment methods
1. Payment using paypal method

 2. Payment using transfer bank wire

All order shipped using Fedex / TNT express service
Estimated delivery : 1 day for most European countries  // 2-3 days for rest of world

About us
The company Eleftherios Neroulias with VAT numbers 067111020 and GEMI.009335401000
for 30 years he specializes in marketing and sale of board games and especially chess material
The purpose of the Chess Center is to offer quality and fully tested products
with the aim of satisfying our customers both in quality and at the best possible prices and with the best and most direct service


Return Policy - Guarantees

You have the right to return the entire order or part thereof without having to tell us why you wish to return the goods within 14 calendar days of the date you received it. In this case, you only pay the direct cost of returning the products. If the reason for your refund relates to a company error, we undertake to bear the cost of returning the product, provided that the return has been made with the shipping company "General Postage"

n the case of return of the products and depending on how you choose to pay your order and the way your refund will be refunded, your refund will be completed within 4 working days of the date of receipt of the products. If the reason for the refund relates to a company error, Chess online shop of Greece undertakes to re-send a courier to the address you have appointed to receive the order at your own expense.

If the consumer wishes to return his order without any fault on the part of the business, then the shipping costs are borne by the consumer himself. Upon return of the product, and once approved by the Company, the customer is reimbursed in full by either a corresponding deposit in his bank account or otherwise in accordance with the above.

The Chess Center of Greece, in order to offer you the best possible service, gives you the right to submit any complaints online at

The company is required to provide replacement if the product is considered defective.
If the consumer wants to change the product, he / she must follow one of the following ways:

1. To return to the company by courier and to make a new order. In this case, the cost of the refund is borne by the consumer.
2. Make a change at our headquarters without any charge.
If the refund is due to an error of reimbursement, the cost of the refund shall be borne by the latter. Upon return of the product, the customer is reimbursed to the full amount by a corresponding deposit in his bank account, which he has completed on the return form necessary to accompany the returned merchandise.

In order to return the (or purchased) product (s) purchased (or purchased), the customer should ensure that:
1.The product is in its original packaging and in the same excellent condition as it has received, along with the retail receipt and including the product's specific badges (stickers).
2. Return of the product shall take place within the 14-day limitation period from the date of its receipt.

Our customers are entitled to cancel an order, subject to the following conditions:
1. If the checkout is not complete, you can cancel the process by pressing the back button in your browser.
2. If the checkout has been completed, please contact a representative of our company to further inform you of the procedure to be followed.


In addition to the above rights, the buyer, in the case of a product that has a defect or lack of agreed status, also has all the rights under the existing provisions and laws on the contract of sale and consumer protection.

The warranty of the products is one (1) year from the date of purchase.