Chess for children

Chess for children

We believe that chess is an excellent tool for children to learn strategic thinking and develop problem-solving skills. Studies have shown that chess can also improve academic performance and enhance cognitive abilities

 We have a wide variety of chess products specially made for children. Whether you're looking for a chess set for your child's first lesson, or a more advanced set for competitive play, we have just what you need..

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16.5" wooden chess set with baboushka theme

This set is made from high-quality wood and is the perfect size for kids, measuring 16.54" x 16.54"...


19.68" wooden chess set with plastic roman pieces

Looking for a high-quality chess set that will last you for years to come? Look no further than our ..


Children pieces baboushka's 3.54"

 Βaboushka's 3.54" handpainted for an added touch of whimsy. Whether you're looking for a class..

World Chess Championship Set (Academy Edition) New

World Chess Championship Set (Academy Edition)

Official World Chess Set (Academy Edition) is the first-ever set that is produced in plastic in exac..


Historical theme black/bronze 3.22" plastic chess pieces

Our historical theme chess set is perfect for those who appreciate classic style. The black and bron..


Historical theme white/black 3.22" plastic chess pieces

Looking for a new and exciting way to play chess? Check out our online chess shop! We have a huge se..