Chess programms

Chess programms

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Deep Junior 13.8 mulitprocessor version DVD

Deep Junior is back – and as strong as ever. This program has been used for over a decade by top pla..


Komodo 12 DVD

Komodo gets going! The new version of the multiple world champion program not only plays stronger th..


Komodo 13 DVD

Komodo 13 thinks like no other chess program. Inspired by AlphaZero, Komodo developers GM Larry Kauf..


Chess trainer CD

The Chess Trainer is recognized as a superior method to learn chess with 45 lessons and 1900 exercis..


ChessBase 15 DVD

ChessBase is a personal, stand-alone chess database that has become the international standard for t..


Frirz 16 DVD

When is chess the most enjoyable? When you win!When Fritz entered his first tournaments some 25 year..


Rybka 4 DVD

For years now Rybka has dominated the computer chess scene. No other program has been able to achiev..